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FALI Members Only Listserv


The FALI Members Only Listserv through GroupsIO is a valuable resource for members to share important information and job referrals. Current FALI members are invited to join this group, and once approved, may post messages according to the rules below. While posts are moderated, it is simply for the sake of ensuring the rules are being followed. This also helps your email inbox from getting those multiple duplicate messages with the same response, or hundreds of holiday wishes.

Click HERE to join the Listserv.


FALI Listserv Rules & Purpo


The FALI Listserv is a great way to communicate quickly and easily with our subscribed members regarding business work assistance requests and case work/assignments. By sending an E-mail message to the FALI Listserv address, your message will be sent to all subscribers. The FALI Listserv is for the exclusive use of FALI members. 

Requests to join are usually handled within 72 hours. 

FALI Listserv address:

FALI Listserv Assistance:

The Listserv is the property of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators. Its use is a privilege, not a right of membership. To participate in the FALI Listserv, you must abide by the Listserv Rules and Purpose.

To maintain the integrity and professional standards of the Listserv, and to provide the maximum benefit to our members, the "FALI Listserv Rules and Purpose” have been established by the Board of Directors. By subscribing to the FALI Listserv, you agree to abide by the requirements, prohibitions, and policies of the Listserv. The Rules are posted in the member section of the FALI website and are also available upon request from the FALI office.

Member posts do not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of FALI.


Association use of Listserv: The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a method for the Association – through its Board of Directors, Executive Director, or authorized representative – to communicate to its members about the association and association-related matters and policies.

Member use of the Listserv: Member use of the Listserv is solely for the purpose of exchanging business referrals, posting work assistance requests and information specifically related to PI case work and/or assignments.

The FALI Listserv is not a chat room or blog and is not for the purpose of expressing personal opinions, marketing or addressing a dispute with the Association, individuals or businesses.

Communications which do not conform to the Rules and Purpose of the Listserv are prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including your removal from the Listserv.

FALI Association Matters & Policies

Unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors, a member may not post messages regarding the Association, association-related matters or policies. Questions, concerns or comments about association matters or policies, should be sent directly to the FALI administrator, Association President, your Area Director, or the appropriate Committee Chair.

FALI Listserv Assistance:

FALI President:

Unsubscribing Requests

Do not unsubscribe by posting a message to the FALI Listserv. Requests may be made by contacting the FALI office at (727) 373-8028 or Requests will be handled during regular business hours.

Updating Your E-Mail Address/Membership Information

Do not post E-mail address or other membership information changes to the Listserv. You must handle this directly through GroupsIO, FALI can not make changes to that account but you may do so by logging into your account on the Listserv.

Virus Protection

Please be aware that there is a risk involved whenever downloading email attachments to your computer, or sending email attachments to others. As provided in the Terms of Service, neither FALI, GroupsIO, nor its licensors, are responsible for any damages caused by your decision to do so.


1.  Signature Block

A.  Active, Associate Members:
Messages must be concluded with your name, agency name, and PI license number of the sender.  
B.  Affiliate and Service & Industry Members:
Messages must be concluded with membership classification, and name, agency/company of the sender.
C.  Student Members:
Message must be concluded with your name, the word "student," city and state in which you reside.
D.  Additional Information:
Please limit signature lines to one office location and a brief description of services offered, Confidential Statements are NOT needed.


2.  Posting by FALI Members ONLY:
All messages to the Listserv must be signed by the actual FALI member who is posting the message. It must include the member's first and last name as well as company or agency name. Non-members are not allowed to post on a member account. 

Prohibitions: Members

  1. Posting questions, concerns or comments about the Association, the FALI President or other members of the Board of Directors, or Association matters or policies, unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors to do so.
  2. Using the Listserv to address a dispute with the Association, a member, a non-member, or any business entity.
  3. Use of inflammatory, derogatory, profane or vulgar language.
  4. Endorsements of candidates for FALI or any election campaign. No campaign posts, positive or negative, or attacks against candidates are permitted.
  5. Dissemination of messages on behalf of members whose Listserv privileges have been modified or suspended.
  6. Requests for unlawful or "questionable” services, as defined: Information about a person or entity that cannot, in all probability, be accomplished in compliance with all of the laws applicable to that activity. Examples include, but are not limited to, personal information that is contained in telephone, medical, social security, tax, and/or financial records including banks and credit card providers, or information that requires a release of the owner of the information.
  7. Disclosure of personal identifiers regarding your investigative subject. Warnings of potential clients by name or asking for questionable services.
  8. Providing non-members–which includes your staff or business associates–access to Listserv messages, to include forwarding Listserv messages to non-members.
  9. Advertisements or promotional announcements for any organization, person or business, including notices for other association meetings and/or seminars, or for your services or the services of others, unless approved in advance by the Listserv Committee. Please refer to "Advertising” for exceptions.
  10. Posting "warning” messages, not approved by the FALI President or Listserv Chair, which alert members to potential viruses, Trojan attacks, identity theft concerns, or other computer security issues.
  11. No jokes or motivational messages. The FALI Listserv is for professional and business related postings only.
  12. Polling of the FALI membership, unless specifically approved in advance by the Listserv Committee.

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Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
1350 CR1 #2896, Dunedin, FL 34698
(727) 373-8028


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