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*SPECIAL Pre-Conference Sessions with Robert Wyman
FREE to conference attendees who pay for the FULL conference.

Thursday, May 7th

Over the last decade Robert Wyman has been the most requested FALI speaker at Conferences, FALI-U and local area meetings. No matter how many times he presents he always shares something new and leaves participants wanting more. This year’s Conference Committee has invited Robert to be our pre-conference speaker with both afternoon and evening sessions which are FREE to fully paid Conference participants.

RSVP Required
One day, student registrations, and non conference attendees
may attend for an extra fee.
Click HERE to pay

 Add more to your PI Toolbox!

Session 1:  Cellphone Call and Tower Mapping for Investigations.
1:00pm - 3:45pm

For criminal cases, Prosecutors are now routinely obtaining Court approval to analyze a Defendant's cellphone call records, and Defense Attorneys are similarly obtaining records to verify the Prosecutor's information, or to provide an alternate analysis and conclusion as to the Defendant's location immediately prior to or after a criminal incident.

In civil cases, both sides are also obtaining records to determine the pre-incident locations of all parties. These records are obtained from the cellphone companies, NOT downloaded from cellphones. This session will provide an introduction regarding cellphone record analysis, location mapping, and how such information may support investigations and traffic crash or crime scene reconstruction.

To be very clear: This presentation WILL NOT DISCUSS cellphone downloads or cellphone forensic extraction hardware/software. 

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How cellphones, towers and antennas work, and why it matters in an investigation.
  • What a cellsite looks like.
  • How to obtain Call Detail Records (CDR) from cellphone companies.
  • How to analyze Call Detail Records to obtain call dates, time, durations, and cellphone tower locations.
  • How to map cellphone tower locations and make mapping exhibits manually or semi-automatically.
  • Typical limitations of Call Detail Records analysis and mapping efforts
  • Differences between CDR mapping, “Tower Dumps,” and the E-911 System.
  • Utilization of commercial software designed specifically for CDR analysis and mapping.
  • How to organize all records, documents, maps and exhibits for testimony use.

The presentation will start with an extensive PowerPoint illustrating cellphone technology and tower designs, cellphone communications history, and typical analysis workflow. As time allows, a hands-on exercise will be conducted to map actual cellphone records.

Attendees do not need to bring any equipment; however, those wishing to participate in the hands-on exercise should bring a computer with Microsoft Excel and Google Earth installed. 

Session 2:  Pre-Conference at Night
(You must participate in the 4pm classroom session in order to participate in the outdoor session starting at 7pm.)

  Part 1: 4:00pm - 5:00pm (classroom)
Part 2: 7:00pm - 9:00pm (outdoors)

At the 2017 Conference, also held in Cocoa Beach, Robert offered something completely different for the Pre-Conference, a nighttime photography class. It was so popular we are presenting it again this year. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words but, even with the highest quality camera, nature, and other forces, can interfere and impact the quality of work you provide to your clients. This seminar can change that.

Part 1: Topics to Be Discussed During Classroom Segment Include:

  • Basic camera functions; “Manual” vs. “Automatic” settings.
  • The importance of a proper photographic effort for investigations.
  • Recording images in difficult lighting conditions.
  • Ambient Light photography technique.
  • Painting with Light photography technique.
  • Extreme close-up/macro photography.
  • When to use photo editing software

Part 2: Topics to be Demonstrated - Outdoor Field Exercise:

  • Low-power flash and High-power flash.
  • Time Exposures.
  • Ambient Light.
  • Painting with Light.
  • Oblique Light
  • Lasers
  • Verifying colors


Mandatory for Field Exercise
 or you will not be able to participate.

Optional for participation in Field Exercise
Remote Shutter Release (wired or wireless)

Recommended additional items
Penlight to see camera controls
Flashlight for Painting with Light exercise

* * * * * *

RSVP Required

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Note: If you have already registered for the conference, and did not register
for the pre-conference please email

Please click HERE to pay to attend if you are not "fully" registered.

Pre-Conference for Student or One-Day Attendees - $65
(email for discount code)
Pre-Conference for NON Paid Conference Attendee - $125

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